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Lesson 1 - Shedding Light on Energy

Lesson 1 Poster [pdf]

Lesson 1 Worksheets [pdf]

Lesson 2 - Energy: From the Source to You

Lesson 2 Poster [pdf]

Lesson 2 Worksheets [pdf]

Lesson 3 - The Future of Energy

Lesson 3 Poster [pdf]

Lesson 3 Worksheets [pdf]


Shedding Light on Energy Contest

The Shedding Light on Energy contest referenced in the interactive piece above has ended. Below is a list of our winners.

Grand Prize

"Energy 56 News" Selma Middle School - Selma, IN


— Drew Estep — Hannah Smith — Teacher Karla Riggin
— Maurissa Jo Racer — Dennis D. Thompson

First Prize

Grade 7-8 "Energy News in New Jersey" St. Mary's School - Pompton Lakes, NJ Student: Kenneth Vessey | Teacher: Cathy Feld Grades 5-6 "Renewable Wood Heat" Pickford Elementary - Pickford, MI Student: — Michael Satchell | Teacher: Jessie Metrish

Second Prize | Grads 7-8

Grade 7-8 "Energy in Our Daily Life" Mountain Ridge Middle School - Colorado Springs, CO Student: Megan Cho | Teacher: Steven Howard Grades 5-6 "PAWS TV Special Report" Hendrick Ranch Elemtary - Moreno Valley, CA Student:
— Simon Debessai — Anonda Hellems
— Camilla Nasso — Teacher: Vincent Martinez

Third Prize | Grades 7-8

Grade 7-8 "The Vampires Are Coming!" Holy Name of Mary School – San Dimas, CA Student:
— Samantha Cabrera — Rose Mary Lee
— Teacher: Kristy Vena
Grades 5-6 "Local Energy News" Pickford Elementary - Pickford, MI Student: — Cody Campbell | Teacher: Jessie Metrish