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The Institute has been a leading force behind the dialogue on climate change within the international business community.  After all, it is the business community and the private sector that will ultimately be responsible for implementing the policies that are being negotiated.  This page serves a clearinghouse of information about the Institute’s international activities, as well as news and events of interest. 

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2012: Durban

After the progress made at UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) talks in Cancún, Mexico in 2010, many observers had unrealistically high hopes for the recently-concluded talks held in Durban, South Africa. To a great extent, those hopes were dashed. Read "Dust-Up in Durban: Breakthrough or Breakup?" here.


2011: Cancun

Following COP-16 in Cancun, the Energy Institute has released a new report recounting the successes and failures of the meetings.  We also take a look at some of the key issues of importance to the business community in the international climate negotiations.  Read "Promises, Promises" here.


2010: Beyond Copenhagen


The Institute released analysis revealing that the pledges made to the Copenhagen Accord fall short of international climate goals and do not reduce world emissions.  Read "Copenhagen Accord By-the-Numbers."

Our Steve Eule also wrote an in depth analysis of what happened in Copenhagen and what the possible paths forward for international climate negotiations are.  Read "Copenhagen Accord and Discord: COP-15 and the Many Roads to Mexico here.


2009: The Road to Copenhagen


DECEMBER: Copenhagen

The Institute’s Vice President for Climate and Technology, Steve Eule, represented the Chamber in Copenhagen and provided timely updates of what transpired in the negotiations and discussions.   His real time thoughts from Copenhagen are available at at some of the major news outlet blogs that covered the negotiations.

NOVEMBER: The Prospects for Copenhagen

As the world prepared for the climate conference in Copenhagen, the Institute released a report that previewed the meetings.

The Prospects for Copenhagen: More Realism Can Smooth the Way” sheds light on the unprecedented technology challenge that the global community faces in reducing emissions.

The Institute’s VP for Climate and Technology, Stephen Eule,discusses the paper in this short video.

SEPTEMBER: Major Economies Business Forum on Energy Security and Climate Change

Top executives representing more than 25 million businesses from around the world met at the U.S. Chamber for the Major Economies Business Forum in advance of the UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen. 

At the end of the two-day summit, delegates agreed on a joint declaration that commits the international business community to exercising a leadership role in tackling climate change and contributing to a new international agreement in Copenhagen. The declaration also touches on economic development, energy security and efficiency, technology and finance. 

Read the joint declaration and learn more about the summit here.

JUNE: Bonn Climate Conference, June 10-17
The Institute’s Vice President for Climate and Technology, Stephen Eule, attended the climate negotiating session in Bonn, Germany in June.  Steve shared his insights with a series of blog posts live from Bonn:

MAY: EI Takes Its Message to Europe

The Energy Institute’s Karen Harbert and Stephen Eule ended a busy May with separate trips to Europe to continue the Institute’s goal of promoting a fact based discussion on energy and climate issues.

Learn more about our efforts in Europe here. (Newsletter story)

MARCH: International Energy Administration Energy Business Council

Engaging Internationally on Climate Change (blog post)

The Institute’s President and CEO, Karen Harbert, currently serves as Vice Chairman of the International Energy Administration (IEA) and was formerly Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy and International Affairs.   Following the most recent IEA meeting in March, she wrote about the challenges that the international business community was facing.

International Energy Challenges and Business (blog post)

FEBRUARY: Copenhagen International Business Roundtable

Copenhagen International Business Climate Roundtable

Stephen Eule, vice president for climate and technology at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, attended an international business roundtable in February in advance of the COP15 International Climate Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December.

Stephen previously served as the director of the Office of Climate Change Policy & Technology at the U.S. Department of Energy, and will be representing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the COP15 conference. 

Below, you’ll find Stephen Eule’s thoughts on the roundtable, as well as the document produced at the meeting.

“A meeting of the international business community on climate change was timely.  The organizations gathered in Denmark represented 5 continents and tens of millions of businesses.  During our discussions, we found a lot of common ground, and I think that the statement we produced sends a clear message that the business community wants to be fully engaged in the run up to the Copenhagen conference in December,” said Eule.

Expectations for the International Climate Conference (COP15) (joint statement)