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But instead of checking the progress of the working pipeline, Koch, a vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Institute, said he and his team are collecting stories from communities, business leaders and others who have been left waiting.

Energy Institute Vice President Matthew Koch explained that they've spent years working on getting the pipeline project approved, and that there would be tremendous benefits to the community.

“If you look in the past five years, during the greatest recession since the Great Depression this was really the only industry that was creating jobs, and it was creating them at a huge rate,” Mr. Guith said. “It is an anchor already, and I think it will continue to be.”

The energy institute will visit cities, towns, ranches and businesses near the [Keystone XL] pipeline and learn how they would benefit from the construction and continued operation.

Matt Koch with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says, "It's important to our country's economic security, it's important to our energy security, it's good for American jobs, but it's also really good for these communities along the way, a lot of jobs are going to be created and a lot of long term benefits from the tax revenue are going to help communities and people throughout our country."