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The bottom line: denying the Keystone permit application and over-regulating hydraulic fracturing drilling techniques in the U.S. would make our nation more reliant on imports of oil from sources less reliable than Canada. In the process, there would be no discernable benefit to the environment.

Keystone XL matters, but Alberta’s relationship with the United States is far larger and more important than any single pipeline, Premier Jim Prentice told a powerful business audience at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce just across from the White House.

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice struck the right tone and added credibility to the debate about the Keystone XL pipeline during his trip to Washington, D.C., according to some who heard him speak Wednesday at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The American Shale & Manufacturing Partnership (ASMP) has issued a report that builds a path forward for a US manufacturing renaissance. This report is a culmination of discussions conducted across the country and focuses on five core areas: workforce development; federal and state processes; infrastructure; environment; and research and innovation.