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Message From The President

Welcome to the online home of the Institute for 21st Century Energy, an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Our website is designed to provide facts and analysis about our energy challenges and tools to get you involved in being part of the solution.

We at the Institute are focused on building support for a comprehensive, long-term agenda to secure America’s energy future. Our team has proposed over 90 specific recommendations that have been delivered to the President and Congress in our Transition Plan for Securing America’s Future. If our plan is enacted, it will foster economic growth, strengthen national security, and ensure a reliable clean energy future.

By making smart choices, we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and strengthen our global competitiveness. Those smart choices include increasing our use of clean technologies like wind, solar, and nuclear energy. They include promoting energy efficiency, improving our energy infrastructure and investing in new vehicle technology. And they also include increasing domestic production of traditional energy sources like oil, natural gas, and clean coal.

It is this integrated approach that makes our Institute uniquely able to unify lawmakers, stakeholders, and the public around a common-sense energy policy that will address short term needs while providing long term solutions.

In this time of serious economic challenges, it is more important than ever that America’s industry be fully engaged on energy and climate issues. America’s businesses, both large and small, are central to our economic recovery and our energy security. Although we are in the midst of a financial crisis, we have an opportunity to reshape our energy policies to improve our energy security and create jobs, all while reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

This is a monumental calling, but it also the time for America to demonstrate global leadership. I invite you to explore our website, and most importantly to join us. Together, we can move America toward a balanced strategy that puts us on a long-term path to a secure and prosperous energy future. Be part of the solution!


Karen A. Harbert
President and Chief Executive Officer
Institute for 21st Century Energy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce