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Partnership to Fuel America

Who We Are

The Partnership to Fuel America – initiated by the Institute for 21st Century Energy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – is made up of U.S. businesses and industries that understand that America is at a crossroads.

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What We Believe

America needs more energy, including oil and natural gas, to fuel our economy and provide consumers with affordable supplies of fuel.

There is an increased worldwide demand for energy. With continued economic and political instability in many regions, global competition for energy resources is increasing.

We need a diverse supply of energy from stable and reliable sources.

Development of additional sources of North American energy will create and preserve thousands of jobs and strongly benefit U.S. energy security and our nation’s economy. It will also curb our dependency on crude oil from other countries, some which are unstable or unfriendly to U.S. interests.


Why We Are Needed

America will require 21% more energy in 2035 than in 2009, according to the U.S. Government.

America will benefit from further development Canadian natural resources, and we need policies that continue to improve – not weaken – our trade relationship. Canada is already our largest supplier of imported oil and natural gas, providing the U.S. with 1.9 million barrels of oil a day.


What We Do

The Partnership to Fuel America will be one of the leaders promoting the development of North American energy resources.

We will promote the economic and security benefits of North American energy development, including the ability to create tens of thousands of new American jobs, generate much needed tax revenue, spur regional and national economic growth, and reduce our dependence on oil from unstable markets overseas.

The Partnership will also communicate the critical role that Canadian energy and oil sands development plays in the security and prosperity of the United States.