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Our Mission

The mission of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Energy is to unify policymakers, regulators, business leaders and the American public behind a common sense energy strategy to help keep America secure, prosperous and clean.

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Energy Works for Us

Read our plan to secure America's energy future.

  • Remove Barriers to Increased Domestic Oil and Natural Gas Production and Fuel Manufacturing

  • Maintain Coal's Role as a Vital Part of a Diverse Energy Portfolio

  • Expand Nuclear Energy Use and Commit to a Nuclear Waste Solution

  • Enhance the Competitiveness of Renewable Sources of Energy

  • Promote 21st Century Energy Efficiency and Advanced Technologies

  • Modernize the Permitting Process for Our Nation's Energy Infrastructure

  • Protect Our Energy Infrastructure from Physical Disruptions and Cyber Attacks

  • Reform the Regulatory Process for Balance, Predictability, and Transparency

  • Ensure a Competitive Energy Workforce

The Latest


The Energy Institute has teamed up with IHS and other organizations to provide a comprehensive three-part look at the economic impact of shale. The final phase of the report, which covers the impact of shale on manugacturing is now available.


Energy Security Risk

The index of U.S. Energy Security Risk: Assessing America's Vulnerabilities in a Global Energy Market is an interactive annual energy risk indicator, which identifies the policies and other factors that contribute positively or negatively to U.S. energy security.