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Voices for Affordable Energy | Mar 14 2012

High gas prices are an unexpected tax on American families and businesses. At the moment, American consumers are not only paying more for oil and gasoline, but as a nation, we’re importing more oil at these high prices, which is driving up our deficit and hurting our competitiveness.

Coal 101 | Apr 28 2010

Coal is the most abundant energy resource produced in the U.S., generating nearly 50% of our electricity supply. Coal is also consistently the most affordable fossil fuel source according the Energy Information Administration. Coal is mined in 26 U.S. states and there are over 600 plants that generate electricity from coal in 48 states.

Natural Gas 101 | Mar 19 2010

Natural Gas is a plentiful, domestically produced, clean burning fuel that heats and powers over 60 million U.S. homes. Natural gas is also used at home for cooking, by utilities to generate electricity for consumers and businesses, and by industry as the main component in many items we use every day, including paper, plastics and medicines. Natural gas is an important component of a common sense energy strategy that promotes a diverse, secure, prosperous, and clean energy future.

Revisiting America’s Nuclear Waste Policy | May 27 2009

The Institute for 21st Century Energy issued a report that calls on the Obama Administration to commit to a permanent solution for the nation’s used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste.  The report, titled Revisiting America’s Nuclear Waste Policy, examines the nation’s nuclear waste poli